Added value is self-evident for us

Reliability and a good value-for-money ratio are basic expectations towards today’s entrepreneurs! We agree with this. Therefore, we offer several additional services that go beyond freighting, still they are closely related to it.

Our job is more than just delivering the cargo from A to B. With our wide range of services, we offer solutions for companies that lack logistics experts or for which it is more cost-efficient to outsource freighting to external vendors. Our outsourcing activity will take a lot of burden off your company. Entrust us with all delivery-related tasks!


Our storage in Budapest

Our customers can store transit goods in our storage for 3 days for free. (15 Gyár utca, HU-1222 Budapest, Hungary)

Always insured

CMR road carrier liability insurance is included in the basic price of freighting.

When organising freights, we always proceed with maximum diligence: we always check the value/weight ratio of the goods, and based on this, we make a recommendation for extra freight insurance that covers the whole period of the transport up to the value of the goods.

Proactive organisation

We draw the attention of our customers to things they might not even think of.

  • Which days are holidays in the affected countries?
  • What time is siesta time in Mediterranean countries?
  • Are there any local habits or special opening hours that may prolong waiting time?
  • What is the difference (if any) between a pro forma and an invoice?
We all know the answers to these questions and inform you in order to protect your interests.

Cost-efficient logistics

We are constantly on the move. This means: if you choose us, there are no downtime or reloading costs!

Did the packaging of the goods get damaged? No problem: whichever packaging material you need, we will find it and repack the goods.

Customs management

We do customs management as well. You may choose the location, or, if it is more convenient for you, you might as well entrust us with the full procedure of customs management.

Foreign trade mediation

Besides the transfer of goods and logistics services, we perform foreign trade mediation activities as well. Advocating the interests of our customers, we aid communication between seller and buyer to ensure a flawless receipt of goods. For example, we make sure before delivery whether the goods can be received or the price of the goods has been transferred.

We also provide freight services with time windows

We undertake to load or unload the goods on-site within the timeframe specified by the Client.

Transportation of ADR (dangerous) goods

Dangerous goods: any substance, object, product or waste during the transport of which a hazardous situation may arise, therefore it is prohibited or bound to certain conditions. Transportation of dangerous goods is regulated by international agreements issued by the UN or its organisations.

ADR: Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route: European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road

We speak your language

We mostly communicate in writing. Doing so, anything included in the correspondence with our customers is searchable, including the expectations, our obligations or any information related to the circumstances of the freight.

We speak the same language. Whether you address us in English, Hungarian, Spanish or Serbian, we will understand you.